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How to take part

  • At the moment, we need to spread the word. So share the links to this site, follow and post about us on twitter (X), and instagram with the hashtags #Oneweek, #oneweekuk and #oneweekchallenge

  • Measure your meter readings at home over a normal week so you can compare and set yourself the challenge of saving as much as possible during One Week

  • Above all, make sure you take part in whatever way you can, however big or small.

19th - 26th November

Below are the measures during One Week that, if everyone's taking, will make a huge difference.

And remember, while households are responsible for around 29% of energy use, commercial business premises account for around 10% of UK energy consumption. Other non-domestic buildings such as schools, colleges and hospitals add 5% on top of that. So it's important everyone gets involved at home and at work. 


  • Turning off all but the most essential lights

  • There are, on average 67 lights in the average household. 

  • If just one of these is turned off for 4 hours longer each over a week for all UK households, it saves over 55,000 barrels of oil. 

Electrical Appliances

  • 75% of the electricity used in a home is used while the items in question are turned off. 

  • Phantom load or vampire energy is a big issue.

  • Turning off appliances and unplugging them might be a bit annoying but doing so can save enormous amounts of energy. 

  • If each household turned off and unplugged the TV, PC and speakers at the wall over a week this would save over 90,000 barrels of oil. 

Water Use

  • While more research is needed, one study showed that a 30 second cold shower in the morning for 60 days reduced the number of sick days by 30%. In other words, it has been linked to various health benefits including an improved immune system. 

  • A cold shower might not be advisable for some but even reducing the time you are in the shower can make a big difference.

  • Aim to spend no longer than 4 minutes in the shower. 

  • Avoid taking a bath as a shower uses far less energy (unless it's a really long one!)


  • Transport is responsible for 70% of the UK's energy consumption. 

  • Consider lift sharing to work or, if possible, walk or cycle to work for the week. 

  • Every car's optimal fuel efficiency will differ but on average it's around 55 mph. If you are prone to doing so, try to avoid driving too fast on the motorway, at least for a week!

Appliances to turn off at the wall...

  • TV

  • Computer and speakers

  • Printer

  • Games consoles

  • Microwaves

  • Coffee machines

  • Kettles

  • Toasters

  • Chargers - even while not charging


  • Only fill the kettle with what you need. You might even want to consider giving up hot drinks for the week.

  • Batch prepare your meals for a week so you only have to cook once. 

  • Ration the dishwasher - only put it on when absolutely needed. Better still, don't use it!

  • Put your washing machine to a lower temperature setting

  • Fit some draft excluders to retain heat and minimise your need for heating. If it's really cold, you must use your heating though - I don't want anyone coming to harm from this!

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