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A New Year's Resolution

Sunset on the 8th January 2023 falls at exactly 16.13. That is when One Week will begin. There’s plenty we can do in the mean time however in order to prepare.

Not least thinking of all of the ways you can save as much energy as possible. This may mean planning one meal prep session for the week, arranging lift-shares, digging out that torch to guide you through the darkened corridors or psyching yourself up for a week of cold showers.

Parents, get your children involved. See what they want to do to meet the goals and you can even plan out some activities for the evenings should y

ou dare banning the TV for the week.

Aside from all of this, it is still important to spread the word as much as possible and encourage people to get involved in whatever way they can. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to go for a cold shower every day (!) but if everyone does even a little bit more than they might usually do towards the general cause, the week is destined to become a success.

One useful suggestion would be to check your meter readings for the preceding week (perhaps at 16.13 this coming Sunday (1st January) and then again as One Week begins so you have a comparison and a way of quantifying how much you have saved compared to a normal week. I’d love to hear who has managed to save the most (and no that doesn’t mean switching as much on as possible this week in preparation).

I’m planning a few bits and pieces to help spread the word. We now have some banners and there will also be some posters going up around my local area. It is likely the first One Week will be a local affair – more of a pilot, to show everyone what can be done. But I would love it if we could see evidence of people taking part as far and wide as possible.

Stand by for some more frequent updates over the coming week. With tomorrow ushering in a new year, perhaps one of the best resolutions we can all make is to get involved with One Week. Set yourself the challenge. As the slogan goes - one week… endless potential.

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